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Now: Thu, Aug 21 2014

The RHEM Web Tool

The RHEM Web Tool is a web-based interface for the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM). The interface allows users to input commonly known rangeland characteristics and use parameter estimation equations to construct model input files and run the RHEM model.

This web application was built with the following goals in mind:

  • Simplify the use of RHEM
  • Manage user sessions
  • Centralize scenario results (model runs)
  • Compare scenario results
  • Provide tabular and graphical reports

The RHEM Model

RHEM is designed to provide sound, science-based technology to model and predict runoff and erosion rates on rangelands and to assist in assessing rangeland conservation practice effects. RHEM is a newly conceptualized, process-based erosion prediction tool specific for rangeland application, based on fundamentals of infiltration, hydrology, plant science, hydraulics and erosion mechanics.

Version Updates

Version: 2.1

  • Multiply Kss for all cases by 1.3 in order to account for the bias in the log transformation (relative to Duan 1989)
  • Ability to rename scenarios through the scenarios list by clicking on scenario name
  • A graphical (PNG) report can be created from a scenario comparison

Version: 2.0
A prototype next-generation version (version 2) of the Rangeland Decision Support System (RHEM) is under development.

Version: 1.2
Updated Kc and Tc.

Version: 1.1
Updated model equations.

Version: 1.0